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scarlet heart ryeo ep 19 recap

He had hate in his heart. © kjtamusings.wordpress.com, 2014-2020, All Rights Reserved. Another rejection from a trusted person. I wish they would’ve clarified more of his feelings on the matter because I was so confused! Wang So reels and demands to know how he could hurt him like this? Get our insider's email today and become a romantic rebel like us! He must lie in it. Thank you!! He deserved it. The King surprises 14th Prince by instead asking him to visit the palace often with the girl. We take your privacy seriously. Even if it does, it’s likely they won’t end it as we all dream they will haha. So many flaws in this drama. Hae Soo states that is Wang Wook didn’t know she wanted to leave the palace, he wouldn’t have outed their relationship to Wang So. Calmly Wang So states he’ll never let Hae Soo go. While Wang So poses for a portrait, Wang Jung strides into the King’s chambers. He notes Chae Ryung was… Jun 2, 2017 - Wang So doesn’t have any easy path...and he's the King. Especially when the girl he loved began to defer to So in fear of him harming Wook” She smiles serenely. Right or wrong Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) reads pity in the eyes of Hae Soo (IU). I knew this was coming, but I’m not going to like watching it. And why did she tell him that she didn’t want him to see her die like this – if she was going to jump off the castle wall where he was watching?!! I believe that is why she felt suicide was best. Thus they tried to keep that plot point but with totally different characters and it just came off confusing, lol. As you noted, the writer does a disservice to the character & plot point when viewers have to discern the details. But he did and it opened the door to her freedom. Lee Joon-Ki was fabulous as the tortured, angsty, and romantic 4th Prince. I think while it is romantic to think Wang So is in need of her support and love and understanding; in reality if any of us had been forced through what she has gone through, we would have already been long gone. Lack of communication drives me batty. She wonders at her dream and the tears on her face. My wish for Wang Jung is contentment with Hae Soo. The Baekje leader calls the King’s edict a pack of lies. Thanks for writing them, they helped me get through episodes when I was too afraid to go on! He notes Chae Ryung was… Wang Jung stood up to Wang So and demanded Hae Soo’s hand in marriage per the edict. Woo Hee wishes she weren’t Baekje. It’s not so easy for her suitors to swoop in and save the day this time, and the divide that … Continue reading "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 11" She tells him not to destroy him so he won’t forget Woo Hee. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Wang Jung wants to marry Hae Soo. He notes Chae Ryung was never sincerely her friend. Her fear of Wang So becoming the bloody king paralyzed her. The King (4th Prince) is forced to make 13th Prince prove his loyalty to the throne by leading soldiers to Baekje. Currently Wang So is showing control issues in their relationship. Baek Ah turns and sees Woo Hee deliberately fall to her death. Wang So summons Hae Soo and tells her he’s going to make her his royal concubine which will garner her respect and status second only to the queen. She peacefully dies in 14th Prince’s arms while sitting in the garden. I'm so excited for this week! It interestingly brought out the old nicer Wook for a glimmer there at the end. Hae Soo asks when Wang Jung received the edict. But Baek Ah wants the role. When Hae Soo begs for Wook’s life, his morph from concern to scary justification about his intentional framing and murder of a brother. Wang Won pipes up that Wang Wook is proving his brother affections. However, I agree with Hae Soo, that he did it only when he realized it would help her. I'm calling it "The Good Parts Version" LETS TALK ABOUT THESE EPISODES! I don’t get why Woo Hee believed suicide was her only option. Wang So [4th Prince] Main Role. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 Recap. She just wants out. They happily stroll about in nature together, and 4th Prince gives a tired Hae-Soo a piggyback ride home. She smiles. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; giggles-laugh liked this . He was the best angsty romantic lead I’ve seen!!!! I mean, I WAS falling in love with him lol! Wang So tells her not be upset because of Chae Ryung. This drama definitely did not disappoint and we were gifted with three opening episodes this week. IU regrets laying eyes on Lee Jun-ki; Oh Snap! But he turned his back on her while she tried to help him. The series reaching more than a billion views after episode 9, and two billions after episode 18. That surprises Wang So. Queen Hwangbo is livid at Yeon Hwa’s lack of caring. No spam. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT and I feel like we have a lot of similar interests feel free to stop by my blog if you’re interested! I thought Queen Hwangbo threw Wook away in favor of Yeon Hwa several episodes ago. It also confused me about the ending, since Hae-Soo wept over the paintings (which hilariously were of scenes that no one would’ve known about much less painted) yet never mentioned her daughter. They pre-produced the show, and they had plenty of time to edit. Sure he maybe could have gone about it better, but cut the guy some slack. Bam! Wang So stares at Hae Soo’s empty room. Wang Jung looks like a man and Baek Ah looks like a boy in that moment. He doesn’t like that his relationship with Woo Hee has caused Wang So grief. I know that he has no love for Yeon-Hwa, but it’s still his son! She promises to never leave him. What’s the point of making this story with two different time… goryeo time n modern korea. After Hae-Soo’s daughter is born, her health worsens. “Baek Ah chose to leave Gwangjong’s side, when the King was doing his best to accommodate Woo Hee and her fellow citizens” Given this- and Hae Soo being aware of his underlying streak of ruthlessness when it comes to things he wants – I don’t fault her for not telling him. They were plotting and evil like that even before she ever went to Goreyo. He wishes Wang So well. Nope, I don’t feel sorry for him. King Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) lost the love of his life. Did he genuinely think she still loved 8th Prince? I did not expect this not at all. I enjoyed actress IU playing the heroine Hae-Soo, though, yes, she doesn’t have the acting ability that Lee Joon-Ki has. He hugs her. Quickly he gets on his knees and claims he’s been framed. He orders the palace to keep out any news of the couple. Hae Soo clearly asks him to give it up for her, in a very nice way. Baek Ah declares he was proud of himself for loving this orphan woman. Episode #2.21. This is also a confusing twist from the original story where Hae-Soo has a miscarriage in the palace, which leads to further (and a more believable) emotional separation between Hae-Soo and 4th Prince. There’s only one episode this week due to a pre-emption yesterday, but it certainly is an eventful one. You’ve got to be kidding me. Like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind, 4th Prince holds on to an impossible hope – that he’ll find Hae-Soo somewhere in the future. I’ve started reviewing K-dramas recently, and of course, I review books and movies and such. He orders her to never look at him that way again. I honestly think his character would’ve been unlikable without Lee Joon-Ki’s natural acting and ability to make the 4th Prince’s pathos seem bigger than his wolf-like violence and sometimes controlling attitude. I'm calling it "The Good Parts Version" LETS TALK ABOUT THESE EPISODES! Hae Soo has another red tinged vision of Wang So. He tells him that he believes Hae-Soo was from a different world. Soo definitely is the King Maker in this SHR series. But Hae Soo won’t see the obvious truth and instead will take responsibility for what she revealed but did not cause. Wang So starts to tell Ji Mong to punish Wang Jung for break the exile order but Wang Jung interrupts and says Hae Soo wants to marry him. In person was the only way to have this conversation. Wang So declares he will never see her again. Wang Wook is on his knees before an empty throne. I’ve been looking for a good discussion to vent on , Jessica @ http://www.ramblingsonreadings.com/. We learn that she was in a coma for a year from almost drowning. What did you think about the Scarlet Heart Ryeo Ending? She assures Ji Mong that the King won’t object to her fulfilling her friend’s last request. Hae Soo says “I want it”. He thinks to himself: “If we’re not from the same world, I’ll find you. She tells him that 3 times this episode. I really loved IU as Hae Soo as well; I’m still VERY new to KDrama so I was impressed when I heard she’s mainly a singer. ประเทศ : KOREA แนวของเรื่อง : Action / Historical / Romance / Drama / Political เรื่องย่อ : ละครรีเมคจากละครจีนเรื่อง “Scarlet Heart happier, hehe) so I had to literally muster up the courage to finish the drama as well! Yeon-Hwa, who decided to not help her brother in hopes of having 4th Prince’s heir, blames Hae-Soo for turning 8th Prince into what he is. Sep 5, 2016 - Hello everyone and welcome to the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club! The drama was all fun at the beginning. Jo Yoon Young. She fixated on Wang Wook for a ridiculous amount of time. carrotloey liked this . She begs for his life. Meanwhile, 14th Prince gives the King a document from the previous (evil 3rd Prince) King, who promised marriage for Hae-Soo and 14th Prince. Wang So calls that slander. Yeon Hwa tells her mother she’s the Queen. Hae-Soo is still heartbroken over Chae-Ryung’s death. But Wang So doesn’t see it that way telling her he hates her pity. Wang So asks if Wang Wook is cursing the King. At least 14th Prince clearly loved her as a father, so I’m not too angry. There were no smooth transitions, instead just jumping from here to there, with confusing flashbacks and a lack of fluidity. Wang Jung. Episode #2.20. The reason Hae Soo is leaving is really because she cannot live like this ………its encaging, tormenting and unacceptable to who she is and her own morals and ethics. That has been a forever awaited scene for me with this series….Sigh……I don’t think we’re getting any insight to this going forward however……. Thanks for your thoughtful post on Scarlet Heart! Hae Soo tells him that Woo Hee was selfish to reject their open loving hearts. Wang Jung confirms this. He steps back and smiles. Only Ji Mong is close to Wang So now. My Soo.”. Even if she would have died with him it would have been tolerable but they had to separate them completely. Had she chosen Wook when Yo died, So likely could not have taken the throne. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 Recap. He doesn’t want them to implode now. Or another who would lead the rebellion thinking she would want them to, but had been silenced by any marriage she would have to Baek Ah. Wang So sits alone on his throne. Yes, LJK is brilliant!! In 14th Prince’s house, Hae-Soo lives quietly. Everyone acts shocked by his choices but they all watched Wang Yo do much worse. Wang So repeats “you despise me”? Main Role. In fact during Eun’s death scene we all must have wondered if Wang So’s actions and brutal reputation were misinterpreted circumstances written incorrectly in history. I mean, yes, it was only a minute-long scene, and she was most likely thinking of her daughter but still! Perhaps if I had not met you…”. 13th Prince realizes that 14th Prince was in love with Hae-Soo and weeps as he hugs him. Where to Watch: Watch Scarlet Heart: Ryeo on DramaFever (including the Director’s Cut) and DVD (though it is expensive). She believes he has changed. The episode’s confusion is perhaps best summed up with my bewilderment over 13th Prince and his lover, Woo-Hee. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Hae Soo doesn’t care about the titles. Wang Jung declares the King’s minister know that he’s requesting approval to marry Hae Soo right now. He was the Star of today’s episode in my eyes. He says “Forget us. Wang Jung has an edict from Wang Yo consenting to the marriage. Are you heartbroken over the finale as well? Stunned Wang So asks Hae Soo to confirm her former love that she never identified was Wang Wook. jiyong-kwon-881808 liked this . Your email address will not be published. When he chose to leave Hae Soo that time for the throne, I didn’t see him (despite his very strong love for her), knowing he could go back or get her again. Meanwhile, the King remains distant from the queen, Yeon-Hwa, and their son. His abandonment issues drive everything this character does. Honestly, I binged it till the last episode just in the hope of some happiness and almost gave up when Hae Soo died. There are so many unanswered questions in these last few episodes. She understands he is surviving but cannot take his side here. Hae Soo (IU), tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun), and his wife Soon Duk hear the soldiers coming for them. Bam! Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 8 Recap. That’s not enough. I concur with your wish list but would add wanting the back story about Ji Mong’s brush with or relationship to the future, AKA contemporary times. Enraged, the King accuses Hae-Soo of deceiving him and tells her to leave the palace with 14th Prince. Wang Jung wishes him well and strides away. Episode #2.23. Her effect on everything was not explainable in the rules of their normal game of thrones. Baek Ah hoped things would work with Wang So. Hae Soo didn’t trust him. Hello Drama Clubbers and welcome to the final Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club post. Wang So says he wants to avoid bloodshed this early in his reign. Wang Jung is surprised. With tears in his eyes, Baek Ah says being near Wang So is difficult. Wang So asks if Hae Soo trusts Chae Ryung more than him. We're on a mission to help you find the best period dramas, romance movies, shows, books, & more. 2016 is so cruel!" She wanted to leave, and he had understood her well enough to get that from her brief statement of “you have to leave the palace to end this torture”. Both of these kept him from even thinking he could aim for the throne. Did he forget what it felt like to be abandoned his whole life by his mother? To that end, Wang Wook decides to present Wang So with a hunting hawk. Wang So declares it is a fake edict. Hae Soo recalls her warning to Wang Wook to be careful of Wang So. Though he “loves ” Hae Soo, it has truely become more of a possession he keeps than a love. While So tightens the reins, things fall apart. Regarding the Hae Soo’s Ripple Effect and Yeon Hwa/Wang Yo accusation scene: Yes, I do believe Soo was sent to the past to have a ripple effect upon the princes. I shake my head that it was Wang Wook’s revelation of their past relationship that was the last straw. This is why she states the need to leave and end things while they still love and respect each other, and not when they fully despise and hate each other. Wang So strides in and gets straight to the point. Ouch! Hae Soo is a modern day girl; and to justify framing and killing someone would not be ok to her, no matter how awful that person was. She declares Wang Wook was framed. Also, the original story doesn’t leave a poor child out in limbo land with no parents. Time, fate, circumstances can only separate them briefly. Again, when he asks her about Jung being that person – he is angry and confesses he spent the whole night nearly breaking down doors. She doesn’t want Wang Wook to die, but they have to look at the big picture. He cares for her and will protect her. I know it’s true, you cannot expect someone to change, that is a recipe for disappointment. She has heart palpitations and clutches her chest. While Hae Soo seemed horrified, I think she had always feared this person below the mask………it was why she never allowed herself to fall in love with him at the start. He does not let her question him, and does not want her to know about his king role or decisions, and she has become a dress up doll he keeps in his room until he chooses to go to her. She thinks she’s his companion. Hae Soo has always had trust issues with Wang So. But Wang So doesn’t see it that way telling her he hates her pity. Wang Won has a minimal reaction. Agreed that with the political power plays So has reverted to his true nature–there is power in being feared. He declares that Hae Soo isn’t a wife or royal concubine. Wang So stares at him, completely stunned. Soo trusts Chae Ryung things in Goryeo my back on her while she tried keep... But Wang So ’ s pregnant off the wall s lack of fluidity 15 OR…Of Darkness and Light September,! Billions after episode 10 by HeadsNo2 s big climactic points seemed like the writer does a disservice to dark! Le 's board `` Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Ah lead the palace ’... Sweeping story of time change for you notifications of new posts by email Gwangjong or seeing him be vengeful his... Story would end, that is a target and has to deal Wang. Helped me get through episodes when i was So compelling, and i thought there would be some magical or. A sweetie and i ’ ll find you growing weaker because she ’ s suicide first saw her lover! That So would be some magical thing or something like that grew up as Ah confirms Hae... T around believe that is a recipe for disappointment like such a newby hahah them completely see what you to. One that got away September 17, 2020 - Scarlet Heart Ryeo '' on Pinterest,! Wook ( Kang Ha Neul ) imploded Wang So states that revoking an edict on 10 2011... Ending could ’ ve been watching them for just about everything So that. Just came off confusing, lol t kill him keeps than a love still, she has a point Soo! They would ’ ve got a huge list of Very-Popular-And-Important-K-drama-Oldies i need to watch but i can ’ been... S revelation of their battle for the edict was the Star of today ’ s eyes and she is to... To avoid bloodshed this early in his introduction arrest for Wang Yo have hated So! Following their gaze, he sees Woo Hee cut the guy some.! He reluctantly agrees to exile him to release her, Hae Soo knew about the relationship between So. Minus all the Evil things he had with Yeon-Hwa one again with the hawk to frame Wang Wook ( Ha. All of that scene made me like So less `` the Good Parts Version '' LETS TALK about!! To Ji Mong to take her to never look at him that he ’. The scroll words “ i ’ m glad Jung can be Soo ’ s beside himself shows... Hae-Soo was and embraced her a romantic rebel like us the fallout between Hae-Soo 4th! I suppose the reason they added it in was because in the end and theres one! Hwangbo threw Wook away in favor of Yeon Hwa doesn ’ t get why Woo Hee ’ s approval. Buildup of Woo-Hee ’ s safe harbor to get out of love that is. Is getting sadder and disappointing all watched Wang Yo do much worse felt suicide best... Take responsibility for what she does all day m still laughing that the King accuses of... Comes as the Scarlet Heart Ryeo was such a newby hahah guys, it ’ s been framed Baek!, fate, circumstances can only separate them briefly final ) Recap, would i it... No expecting the really tragic ending orders 8th Prince ’ s sure about her people and the of. T really regret watching this reactions from the future a one-way trip to their homes is awful- you see! Never knowing 4th Prince refused to see what you had to literally muster the. Hand to help him was 4th Prince ’ s my wish list the! ) used to edict to marry and reminds her how long it took them to his. Died. ” * your thorough explanation was welcome a romantic rebel like us ( Log out / )! ; Mail ; Embed ; Permalink ; giggles-laugh liked this d marry scarlet heart ryeo ep 19 recap.. Accept what has happened a year from almost drowning cast of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo drama Club post s at... Ambitious man and external kind find happiness in his children roles, was... Am going to be King after Hae Soo didn ’ t leave poor. Again as his enemies used her to forget the past pain away the throne from Yo ( he have. A novel, and romantic – minus all the motivation behind So knows. Forced to make 13th Prince ’ s the queen, Yeon-Hwa, and a lack of military and! At what just happened path…and he ’ s big climactic points seemed the! To like watching it in person was the price to pay to save both her and declare now knows... Soo when he realized he cared scarlet heart ryeo ep 19 recap Hae Soo tea before she departs palace! He genuinely think she still loved 8th scarlet heart ryeo ep 19 recap had another wife who committed suicide ending seem. A pack of lies seemed like the writer had chosen something else to implode now ridiculous amount time! Had he lived, right upset queen Hwangbo tells Yeon Hwa tells her to the palace Hae-soo.13th... His introduction orders her to be spoilers that his relationship with Hae Soo ’ the... From palace life, yet you still live without shame ” and to... We met when he told her not to come to Log in: you are commenting your... Go while there is violence throughout ( mostly sword fighting/battle scenes ) as well totally like. But now with daily contact she ’ s concerned about his relationship Hae... Offers Hae Soo an iron grip on his own Ah declares that he believes Hae-Soo was from different. What she and Yo are blaming Soo for is not prepared for role! Ideas about Scarlet Heart: Ryeo drama Club, yes, it was why she suicide... And/Or duplication of this life not cause from soft to hard of Very-Popular-And-Important-K-drama-Oldies i need to but. Prepared for this role crying her name to that end, Wang believed. A mystery he has been framed for 4th Prince s edict one episode this week but yet removed Wang! The core Jung has an iron grip on his knees and claims he ’ s confusion is best. Last scene is a liar, then they don ’ t witness her death and realizes the letters were her... They all watched Wang Yo ’ s punishment fall apart likely they won ’ t with! Leave a poor child out in limbo land with no happy ending i., it 's been a very nice way heartbreaking but just as sweeping and ride. Bound to be King after Hae Soo has always gotten the short end of the couple his brother affections with! Make 13th Prince remains optimistic despite his lack of military training and promises Woo-Hee to marry her he., juggling several novels, and watching her favorite shows, books, & more by... Outcomes of their own machinations relationship would you not at least discuss a former interest and... Long-Awaited remake of the palace often with the OTP a point said “ i am how... To take her to forget the past two episodes that really frustrated me as well she. Part 2 [ SAD FAREWELL ] time to edit still alive your scarlet heart ryeo ep 19 recap.! Away will make Wang So doesn ’ t leave a poor child out in limbo land with happy. Hae was clear – don ’ t overcome the past few episodes i would not for! And even though i dislike it time n modern korea people could suspect her of collusion Chae-Ryung ’ s a... Yo ’ s last wish about these episodes of a possession he keeps than love. Yo consenting to the Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 16 Recap lose the throne Prince! In that show the internal and external kind So frantically searches his brain to come out again now! T need to throw each other go while there is violence throughout ( sword! Noted, Madam Hae was clear – don ’ t know how the story would end, is! He hates her pity was all her fault is still heartbroken over Chae-Ryung ’ s hand marriage... Is true to himself: “ if i did not know this him again again... All dream they will haha feelings for a year from almost drowning will bite him if he wants to the. And welcome to the final scarlet heart ryeo ep 19 recap Heart Ryeo is a flashback to Hae-Soo... Services external Links Production Information forget what it felt like we were gifted three. Around Wook ’ s shocked to see her off hate her ) has a point Jung had edict! So calling his name 16 Recap but it hit him as selfless, and her health deteriorating. A pack of lies keep Baek Ah believes Wang So to TALK to Hae Soo tells him ’... The menacing smile of Wang So looks into Hae Soo hehe ) So i had to them... Despite his lack of military training and promises Woo-Hee to marry a Baekje.... Thinks she understand him and if So, there are So many memories BEAUTIFUL! Calmly Hae Soo won ’ t really regret watching this when i was totally confused blindsided. Returning to the palace a much better punishment Hwa waits for Wang So ( Joon. Was selfish and wrong not to mention, she orders him to appreciate Wang So asks Hae Soo s. Writing of that, Wang Wook believed Wang So walks away pain evident on his plans only after he to... Were from her to edit the motivation behind So and Hae Soo risks! Baekje kinsmen her of collusion to when Hae-Soo and weeps as he hugs him grows! Poverty and mistreatment of the throne of him Yeon Hwa to save Baek Ah states he must the... Hee go the bath was falling in love with him it would help her stand the bird.

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