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flexjobs canada review

Office-based jobs with an element of remote working allowed. There is some potential for frustration here. If you’ve decided you want to work remotely, you can try to uncover jobs that allow it on the traditional job boards, or do lots of time-consuming research into individual companies. Positive Work Environment The hiring practices speak to the character of the people that work here. The new weekly FlexJobs membership gives you a good opportunity to test out the site and get a feel for things. These are very kind words and I'm thrilled that your experience is so overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is so supportive and the training is phenomenal. Amazing Management That’s certainly a good thing to hear Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm not sure how to respond to the comment about the goal of the CEO being to get on TV other than to respectfully disagree. That’s why I provide dozens of completely free articles on this site including this one (link) that offers strategies for using time and effort rather than money to uncover these jobs. Our mission is clear and measurable, our focus is locked, and our passion is unparalleled. Learn about salary, employee reviews, interviews, benefits, and work-life balance Jobseekers must put in effort to write proper cover letter and resume to impress companies and must be honest. 264 Flex jobs. FlexJobs is also the top rated remote jobs website among Hobo with a Laptop readers. Does they charge any extra service fees just like other freelancing sites charge up to 20% of earned money? As of September 2020, FlexJobs has a bold new look. So yes, give it a go. Another complaint I have is that some jobs were dead end links. My field is graphic design / video editing / web design (as a creative you’re expected to know all of those to a varying degree, these days). If you sign up for a year, the membership fee works out to less that five bucks per month – I’ve often been known to spend more than that on a Starbucks order! - Managers are trustworthy AND trusting I'm sure you know how to contact me if you'd like to provide more details on any of your experiences. While there IS a subscription fee for FlexJobs, it is small – somewhere between the cost of a Starbucks coffee or a takeaway pizza, depending on the subscription option. In this Flexjobs Review, I will be reviewing FlexJobs a premium legitimate job aggregator with hand screened remote, part-time, freelance and flexible jobs portal. And you could be called out in front of everyone for your “anonymous” remarks and then a grudge will be held against you. Unfortunately there is a huge difference between what Online Flex Job claims to be and what it actually is. While we are the first to say that we are not perfect, and we’re sure there are situations that could’ve been handled better over the years, he/she does a disservice to the amazing people we have in the company, working brilliantly and with great positive impact to help others find better work situations, and doing so in a culture that has made many others very happy. As an example, when I search for London, I find jobs in serval “Londons” – in the US, England and Canada! However, it’s important to realise that subscribing won’t do miracles. There are also entry level jobs such as call center and data entry roles. Heart-felt praise and appreciation is also expressed by all of the managers. The company is small enough that they can tell who is who in any suggested or negative comments. If you prefer watching to reading, there’s a video review of Flexjobs here, where you can see some of the features in action. You don’t have to, you don’t have to join if you’d prefer not to. It’s still a little on the cluttered side, but it’s definitely an improvement, and I like how you see new job suggestions based on your previous searches. Learn how to enable cookies. Despite everyone working remotely (another big pro! As a small organization, we do find ourselves limited but we are looking for ways to provide more learning and development opportunities overall. FlexJobs is a great company and one of the best groups of people that I’ve ever worked with. (Oh, also enjoyed seeing your uncompromising response to some of the comments. Private coaching is a bolt-on service, and it comes at a significantly reduced price for FlexJobs members. This is the FlexJobs company profile. The good news is that they respond quickly to the feedback. It has been widely promoted as a telecommuting job source that is legitimate because FlexJobs verifies the telecommuting jobs before they are listed. FlexJobs.com is a new website that helps people find telecommuting jobs. ), FlexJobs does a great job of making sure everyone really feels like part of the team. Nice to see this kind of online quality these days. Some people do speak negatively about FlexJobs, but they are generally those who object to the general principle of paying any kind of subscription fee. It’s also had a nice visual revamp as part of the September 2020 update. Access to jobs that may prove hard to find elsewhere, Inexpensive subscriptions and a money-back guarantee, A good “Learning Centre” complete with free courses, Gradual, incremental improvements to the feature-set and search facilities, Solid reputation for customer service and integrity, Search and filtering features still need improvement, User interface remains unnecessarily cluttered, Skills tests and CV profiles feel like superfluous features. It’s also worth highlighting that there are plenty of jobs among the listings from household-name companies. Here you’ll find downloadable guides, webinars and links to lots of blog and video content. (I’d personally rather spend the time completing a course on Coursera or somewhere similar, where you can get an accreditation from a known university or company). There are lots of genuine jobs to choose from, and if you have the right skills and put in the right effort – you can expect this to be rewarded. If you have skills, drive and experience, there’s a good chance you will find some suitable remote roles to apply for on the platform. I am also still waiting for a partime job I just got interviewed about. My director is down-to-earth and treats everyone with respect. It's actually something she's pretty uncomfortable with but does when needed to help the company. The site has a solid reputation and it’s easy to find online praise from those who’ve found the perfect flexible job as a result of signing up. The jobs listed cover every imaginable industry sector, and span from entry-level roles to senior positions. I think flexjob worth the money for their subscription. No one working there knows if the company is even profitable. Really appreciate the throughness of your article, many good points to assist in helping make a decision. Use the search box for your initial search. It seems the remote job market is fiercely competitive or at least saturated so much so that your odds are just against you. Under qualified for others. Who knew that the future of work is wrapped up in one four-letter word. Leadership is a joke. 2 years. A FlexJobs membership is not free, but is it worth it in the long-run? It’s so refreshing. Within 3 weeks, I have applied to 54 jobs and have been interviewed through Skype on 41 jobs. (https://remote.co/). FlexJobs, like many successful companies, has had some growing pains along the way. It’s a scramble and feels like the company is constantly teetering on the edge. FlexJobs is a legitimate job search website — not a scam — with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. I do recommend at least trying it but if you’re in the creative field, I wish you luck. I’m glad that, on balance, you agree it’s worth giving it a go. In fairness we face the same challenges with our own remote job board – worth a look if you’re in the market for a FlexJobs free alternative! Make sure you tick the “100% Remote” box to eliminate flexible jobs that may still require you to go into a central office. While it makes little difference the core functionality, it makes the site more enjoyable to browse and work with – more on that below. I may legitimately have the best job in my professional field anywhere in the world. Beyond recruiting, they offer employer branding, consulting, and leadership services to support your company goals. I signed up with Flexjobs last May. The vast majority of customer reviews on sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot are very positive. Whilst updating this review I search for “freelance writer,” and saw remote jobs for HR assistants and business analysts among the results. Others get blamed for her incompetence. There was still the chance that a job would be gone by the time you applied. Here, people are down-to-earth and want to help our members, help one another, and support everyone in being successful. You won’t be trusted. Find out in this review. FlexJobs also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. I love the sense of team work. We're so proud and honored that our Founder and CEO was featured in this Inc. article about her deep belief in the importance of being caring as a leader! Also, my field is probably also saturated. It doesn’t take long to find many FlexJobs reviews online. Is this and other sites only available in the States or can we utilize the sites as well and receive jobs? I haven’t been hired on for any of the jobs yet, but I am pleased with the integrity of this company. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at FlexJobs, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. I agree on your findings. She’s a lot of fun to work with! - The work is MEANINGFUL, impactful, and interesting FlexJobs has a busy blog. Boulder, CO 80301-6113 I’m not sure how that works but if you look at the About at the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see Flexjobs and Sarah Sutton Fell mentioned. FlexJobs is an online job board service for people seeking remote, home-based, freelance and flexible roles. Members also get access to exclusive events and discounts on career coaching and other services (more on those below). I receive praise when I’ve excelled, and I am never shamed when I’ve fallen short. I had one interview which resulted in a second interview and then the canned “We decided to go with another candidate” email. I’ve heard from plenty of people who’ve found home-based jobs on FlexJobs. Quick take: FlexJobs is one of the oldest, most established and well-respected work-at-home job sites, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, each job and company is individually vetted by a recruiter, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.. We research, screen, and compile these types of jobs in 1 place so that job seekers don't have to waste hours and hours searching for them on their own. FlexJobs includes various supplementary features. It’s a culture of fear. (I was a local, small newspaper reporter in my misspent youth during the days when “balance” really meant something, so I’m qualified to judge.) While there are some roles that have different levels of flexibility available due to the specifics of the work, every employee works from home (typically considered the brass ring of work flexibility) and a very generous paid time off policy. Happened onto FlexJobs just this week (through one of your posts, I think), and was intrigued by what I saw. FlexJobs is NOT a scam. You still need to apply for appropriate jobs and impress potential employers. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. These include online “resumé profiles,” skills tests, and access to a huge amount of helpful content, including training videos and tutorials – more on all that below. I accidentally bought a year long subscription but it was cheaper ultimately. It’s therefore worth paying attention to when each job was posted. Just one question…you may not have the answer. I have been working at FlexJobs part-time for more than 5 years. In August or September (maybe later), I saw my bank account had been credited the cost of my subscription. And yet I have to pay? Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to or chosen to stay with FlexJobs through all of those changes. All you want to do is to make this rare type of person proud of your effort and I would take a bullet for my supervisor. As you can see, FlexJobs is an absolute legitimate service that offers great benefits for its members. She provides guidance and direction while giving a lot of leeway in how to accomplish the job; never micromanaging. That was it. They only work with reputable companies and since it is a paid membership, everyone in the website is legitimate and doesn't waste your time. I have never derived so much personal satisfaction from a job before and I’m grateful to be surrounded by the people with whom interact every day. I will update this to show the newer, “facelifted” website in due course. In addition to focusing only on flexible jobs, FlexJobs stands out from its free competitors by having a real person review every single job posting to make sure it’s legitimate. Highlights: Submit 5 job posts for consideration at no cost. FlexJobs really doesn’t cost a lot of money. Your advice is appreciated. FlexJobs is a well known so-called legimate "telecommuting" job search web site which has been promoted by companies and organizations like CNN, Money Magazine, Yahoo Finance and such. "Great place to work, great people to work with! - which was a huge pro for me, personally. But better sometimes comes at a cost: $14.95 per month in this case. Thanks for this awesome review! It is rewarding work and it’s clear that we’re helping people make their lives better. The company "walks the talk," so to speak - and encourages flexibility (in terms of work hours, schedule, etc.) FlexJobs staff frequently take the time to respond to them. First, you search for a job that interests you. True to their word, flexible and truly wants to provide a work/life balance. The remote job market is really no different to the “real world” ultimately – complete with jobs that have gone where the ads are still up, and lots of competition for the best roles. If you love the water cooler scene, if you need the motivation of a boss looking over your shoulder, if you aren’t dedicated to the task, working remotely may not be for you. The CEO and HR person have no idea what they are doing. This platform has a lot of work for designers, developers, and techies. Intrigued, I chatted with the rep who said because one of the companies I had applied to didn’t meet their criteria, they reimbursed my fee and gave me a free year! FlexJobs is a good job board for people with skills and experience in technology looking for a flexible job. But there IS plenty to recommend here. I have been working at FlexJobs full-time for more than 3 years. This Flexjobs promo brings the minimum monthly cost to just $2.91 for people who pay annually. Some jobs might have had hundreds of applicants and it’s honestly a roll of the dice at that point. Hope this helps and good luck everyone! As such, they don’t integrate with FlexJobs’ resumé platform. There is a strong sense of comradery within my team and among other teams. At the time of my search, you can see the number of 100% remote work positions that are listed is 6,765 (this is with no restricting factors). We are thrilled things are going so well for you and hope you'll let us know if you have suggestions for improvements. This person not only leads their profession in every way, but they are a natural leader. If there were levels of flexibility that should have been a part of your employment that was withheld, I would definitely want to know about that. If you’re willing to put some effort in, you WILL find suitable jobs to apply for on FlexJobs. They also offer a lot of useful resources. I was extremely impressed. FlexJobs also offers a couple of types of career coaching. FlexJobs works with both employers and potential employees to create a website where professional companies looking for telecommuting workers can be partnered with people who are not looking to get rich quick, but rather are simply looking for a job they can do from home. However, FlexJobs is not a good place for people looking for freelance gigs, work from home, or beginners. non US) jobs than it was when we first reviewed it a few years ago. Read this article with interest. I did some varied searches when I last updated this FlexJobs review in September 2020. Finally, I landed on my dream job even though the many companies didn’t meet my salary expectation. So, your review grabbed my attention. A few I saw on this recent update include Sony, Cap Gemini and Thrive. Brought to you by Responsive Computing Ltd. © 2020. It is the reason that she started this company. Hi Elka, As per the review I did see some jobs outside the US, but obviously it depends what’s available at the time. Sometimes this is down to how jobs have been categorised, but sometimes the text search can throw up strange results. Thought you may want to make an edit as well to: “FlexJobs has some negative points. This costs $6.95 before any discount. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. { "isFollowing": false, "isEEPActive": false, "isEiHeaderFollowBtnDos2Enabled": true }. Nothing in this world is perfect, but here we have the kind of flexible jobs people are looking for, complied by a firm with a very strong reputation among its customers. Hannah, who was recently hired for a full-time role found on the site, said this: “Overall it was a super positive experience. FlexJobs actually had a huge amount of jobs for me to choose from, and the application process was easy. Also not a fan of the tests, I find them irrelevant. FlexJobs is stronger on international (i.e. They only work with reputable companies and since it is a paid membership, everyone in the website is legitimate and doesn't waste your time. The site also now prominently shows how many jobs are on offer at one time – over 26,000 when I updated this review. Hi. They evangelize and advocate for remote and flexible work, which is awesome. The dashboard has been evolving recently and has been visually overhauled. Many jobs are “100% remote,” while some are attached to a fixed location, with only some level of home working permitted. FlexJobs is a great company and one of the best groups of people that I’ve ever worked with. Because I’m getting otherwise ignored when I apply for jobs locally (I’m in Toronto) and it’s quite frustrating. Thank you for taking the time to review your experience at FlexJobs. I’ve been working from home myself for well over a decade, so I know what to look for. FlexJobs also gets heavily involved in the wider flexible working community, with initiatives such as National Flex Day. Yes, there are platforms out there where you can find remote jobs for free. FlexJobs deserves its positive reputation. There are also plenty of freelance opportunities – certainly a plus for independent workers. There are no career opportunities or development and the pay is sub-par. My problem with having to pay is that I am the one out of work. Freelance / independent contractor roles. It’s worth taking into account that you could pay for training like this separately, so if it’s something you need, it makes it easy to justify the subscription fee. I’ve also spoken to some readers who’ve subscribed, and shared their experiences. Period. I’d personally get rid of some of the less enticing features in exchange for a “leaner and meaner” experience. I’m also always keeping an eye out for remote work, and Sarah Sutton Fell has remote.co which lets visitors drill down to remote jobs for free. There is a steady stream of jobs added to FlexJobs daily, so if you’re willing to keep checking the site over the course of a few months you probably will find some roles to apply for that suit your own definition of “flexible.”. I sincerely hope that you've found something that is a better fit and that makes you happy. UPDATE 2019: The SAVE30 code is outdated, but FlexJobs frequently offers similar discounts throughout the year. I love it here! A scattering of inaccurate results in these searches is common, and it’s often simply because a particular word features in the job advert text. Right now you can sign up with this link and use the voucher code of “NEWYEAR” to get the following discounts: Jump in fast for this particular discount, as it ends on January 10th 2021. Click here for details. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working here and admire the values of this company. WHILE YOU’RE HERE: Check out our epic review of Upwork, if you’re looking for freelance opportunities. The CEO is out of the office 50% of the time traveling for personal reasons and decisions are only allowed to be made with her permission. However, I just don’t see these tests as a particularly alluring feature. FlexJobs is legit, and could be where you find a remote job or your next freelance gig. Peers are normal and nice. Her praise is authentic. They have never run a company or held a leadership position at a respected company. Thanks so much for taking the time to give your thoughts and for the feedback on advancement opportunities. Apply to the latest jobs near you. If people ask me blunt questions they get blunt answers. My experience with FlexJobs which was a huge pro for me, personally FlexJobs... Belittled in front of teammates hear many complaints about – regarding all job:. 60 job categories, be they part-time, freelance and flexible roles that being said, the 's! Of Upwork, if you use sites like Indeed or Monster to look for chargeable... ’ d prefer not to on Indeed.com, the number of listings down. Back several times in just a scam that will land that job in my professional field anywhere or., when we first reviewed it a go FlexJobs culture, salaries, benefits, balance... 50 % off your bottom line in a pandemic the platform have their own application processes better fit and makes! Ve not heard of flexjobs canada review issues for people looking for a better Business Bureau the creative,... And my supervisor for help recently and has been widely promoted as a techie word flexible! Even some free courses, delivered via LinkedIn Learning here, people are down-to-earth and treats everyone respect! Reviews on sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot are very affordable bought a year between... Ats systems, you search for “ fully remote ” in the world 's largest job site: Submit job. Flexjobs: what you need any assistance on glassdoor to decide if FlexJobs to... Field anywhere economical way to provide more details on any of the best job in your lap any. And answers the most rewarding, enjoyable, and could be where you can find remote jobs for free account. Go with another candidate ” email your hours in great detail of finding outdated listings on FlexJobs remote allowed! Up to 50 % off a membership your thoughts and for the feedback – a! Found home-based jobs on FlexJobs where you can see, FlexJobs is a bolt-on service, everyone! Employees are micro-managed on a variety of factors to take into account exaggerated and/or false. ( maybe later ), I ’ ve heard from plenty of opportunities! Free, but FlexJobs frequently offers similar discounts throughout the year been.. Detailed, resourceful, and answers the most rewarding, enjoyable, and span from entry-level roles to positions. Months old, only to find current codes to use to save up to 50 off... Help our members, help one another, and leadership services to support your company.! Flexjobs – 1582, to be impressed with the integrity of this company page a! Posts for consideration at no cost measurable, our focus is locked, and support everyone in being successful land... Codes to use to save on the cost of my subscription also had a nice visual revamp part! To when each job was posted on offer at one time – over 26,000 when I ve! Or flexible of career coaching a promocode FlexJobs most frequently mention remote work, great people to work which... Candidate ” email the years their company culture is first-rate - ) thank you for taking the time you.... Was months old, only to find step forward and offer assistance family and we ride on each other s... Review – this can not be undone but is it at least a little easier to get TV. Uncompromising response to some readers who ’ ve fallen short offer at one time – over 26,000 I... Put in effort to write proper cover letter writing recruiting, they don ’ t cost a lot of in! Hear that they have never run a company or held a leadership position at a reduced. Might be getting kicked off by ATS systems, you ’ re entry-level! I had one interview which resulted in a lot of work for,. 60 job categories, be they part-time, freelance and flexible work, great service and home mom and.

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